Standard Conditions of Trading

    This sender is conditional upon acceptance in writing within thirty days of the date thereof, or such longer period as may be agreed in writing, and upon commencement of work within thirty days of the date thereof and upon completion of work within three months thereof.

    Gas Services Network. Gas Services Network Ltd reserves the right subject only to its statutory obligations to cancel this estimate and any contract resulting there from without any liability, if it is subsequently found that it is not reasonably practicable or economical at the sole discretion of Gas Services Network Ltd to provide the necessary gas supply or equipment /appliances / maintenance service.

  6. a) Any additional work not covered by our specification will be subject to a separate estimate and

    b) Upon your placing an order in respect of this quotation, we cannot accept cancellation of any purpose-made items.

    c) This tender is based on wage rates for work done during the recognized working hours specified in the current National agreement of the Industry. Extra will be charged for any work authorized by the customer, his architect, or other agent which is done outside such working hours. It is the responsibility of the authorizing customer to check the rates prior to commencement and establish costs for any additional work that they are requesting.

    This tender covers the items of the Specification only, and unless otherwise expressly stated, does not include any of the following (for whatever purpose they may be required, be it, Builders, Joiners, Masons, Plumbers, Electricians, (except for testing the installation or parts thereof) Or any other traders’ works supply and erection of scaffolding, Towers, ladders or movable platforms, hoisting and/or lowering gear: fuel, water, gas or electric current: lighting, fees of district Surveyors, Insurance Inspectors, or any other Inspecting Authority: the maintenance or permanent reinstatement of any part of any trench on private ground where excavation of such a trench for the laying of supplies and/or services has been estimated or making good to decorative wall rendering.

    Accounts shall be due on demand. Under certain circumstances special arrangements may be made by mutual agreement. If payment has not been received by Gas Services Network Ltd by the twenty-seventh day of the month in which any invoice was rendered the unpaid balance shall on and from such day bear interest at the rate of 8% per MONTH above the Midland Bank Base Rate in force
    from time to time. This interest is accumulative on a monthly basis until the balance has been paid.

    All quotations are strictly net and do not provide for any discount unless otherwise expressly-stated.

    This tender is based on the market prices and rates of materials, labour, sub-contract and transport ruling at the date of the tender. We reserve the right to amend the tender price and rates to meet any variations in these prices and rates due to legislation, Government Orders, Regulations or Directions, changes in the National Agreement covering wages and conditions in the industry or any other cause beyond our control occurring subsequent to the data of the estimate.

    The work will be commenced as soon as possible but liability cannot be accepted for any delay due to circumstances beyond the control of Gas Services Network Ltd. The industry recognizes that operational procedures for gas emergency, elderly and infirm and No Heat has to take priority over all other routine maintenance and installation work. Gas Services Network Ltd may commence work and be placed in a position to make safe at other work venues.

    Gas Services Network Ltd reserves the right to employ sub-contractors to carry out the whole or part of the work.

    When requested by Local Authorities this estimate is submitted subject to the condition that, if it is accepted, Gas Services Network Ltd will be nominated by the Council’s Architect as the sub-contractors to supply and fix the specified materials and/or to execute on the site the specified work (as the case may be) under and in accordance with the local authorities tender document and pricing charges.

    Irrespective of B.I.B.A. terms of contract, if the order is placed by a builder or sub-contractor, then to obtain Gas Services Network Ltd’ quantity discount (where applicable) the account must be paid by the builder or sub-contractor within twenty days of receiving the invoices. Exceptions can be made to this ruling:-
  22. a) At the discretion of GSN Ltd and

    b) Where the builder or sub-contractor produces evidence showing that an Architects’ Certificate has not bean issued for payment for the goods by the council to the builder or sub-contractor.

    The property in unfixed materials shall not pass until all materials shall have been paid for in full. All materials on the site fitted or unfixed are at the sole risk of the Customer and in the event of any of the same being destroyed, damaged or stolen we shall be entitled to full payment therefore and also for any work damaged, destroyed or lost, and the cost of replacing any such materials and of reinstatement of restoring any such work shall be charged as an extra under Clause 3(a) provided that the Customer shall not be responsible for any loss occasioned solely by the negligence of our employees. Any unpaid materials are deemed the property of Gas Services Network Ltd and are recoverable with incurred costs to the main authorized / responsible persons.
    Any agreement tender with a Ltd company, the responsibility in placing an order with Gas Services Network Ltd deems that order and the payment is a personal guarantee of payment with the individual directors of that company and is of the understanding that the directors are responsible for payment in full in the event that company in a trading failure.

    Notwithstanding anything contained in Clause 12 thereof, the Customer shall be solely responsible for all loss or damage to the contract work arising from fire, howsoever caused, including unfixed materials on site for the purpose of carrying out the contract works, and shall indemnify the Contractor against such loss or damage.

    We will repair, at our option, replace free of charge, any materials or work found to be defective, if the defect is due to faulty manufacture or bad workmanship and is brought to our attention within twelve months of the completion of the work provided nevertheless that:

    a) We shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by any defect or otherwise.

    b) We shall not ha liable for any loss or damage direct or indirect, nor for any extra work entailed due to the apparatus being put into operation by the Customer or by us at his request before it is handed over for beneficial use.
    c) We accept no responsibility for any drawing, design or specification not prepared by us. This guarantee does not take away any rights you may have at Law.

    d) Extended Guarantees for a further 12months at the discretion of Gas Services Network Ltd may be offered with a manufacturer’s terms and agreement on certain makes and models of appliances and installations.

    e) Guarantee on the fitting and of any electrical components that are subject to electrical supply fluctuations post fitting and testing, in the event that any surge electrical damage caused by electrical supply to the components fitted will not be covered and is out of the control of Gas Services Network Ltd.

    f) No guarantee is offered to fully repair an appliance on tender or an estimate, on the basis that further component failure down line of the repair may appear after initial diagnosis. Further components may be needed at extra cost to conclude the faults.

    g) No guarantee is offered after an initial chargeable call and service /fault diagnosis may indicate that the appliance is obsolete for parts or any delay in supply of parts to Gas services Network Ltd. Gas Services Network Ltd is not responsible to guarantee repair to appliance breakdowns where the appliance has not been fitted to manufacturers instructions and is deemed sub standard or at risk.

    h) In the event of sooted appliances through component fault or lack of service, Gas Services Network will not be held liable for soot damage to the property or furnishings whilst servicing or carrying out repair. Whilst all effort will be done by the engineers to limit soot becoming airborne. No Guarantee is offered. Appliances that have suffered soot damage will be covered for re-occurrence of sooting less than three months.

  29. DRAWINGS Unless expressly stated drawings submitted with this tender shall not be binding as to detail.

  31. THIRD PARTY LIABILITY We shall not be liable for any claim whether brought against the Customer or against us either under any Statute or at Common Law by any person arising from any cause other than our negligence or that, of our employees and the Customer shall indemnify us against any such claim and the coats of any legal proceedings.

  33. COMPLIANCE WITH LAW AND GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS Acceptance of this tender constitutes a warranty and representation by the Customer that he has complied with every applicable Statute, Order in Council, Regulation or Direction, Bye-Law or other lawful requirement or instruction, whether of the Government or of any local or other lawful authority and in particular that he has lawfully obtained
    Every necessary license, permit or authority that may be required in connection with the work.

  35. COMPLETION AND DELIVERY We shall make every effort to complete the work by the time stated but we shall not be liable for delays due to strikes, lock-outs or other causes beyond our control.

  37. Gas Services Network Ltd reserves the right to carry out such credit controls it deems necessary and to demand payment in full before commencement of the. Work in its sole description.

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