A Big Thankyou

With thanks to the following organisations which assisted us in developing the business.

WDA, Energy &Utility skills, Neath & Port Talbot College. CORGI. British Gas, Business eye. Coleg Sir Gar. Westward energy Services, Premier Gas and Cosihome. And Vaillant.

Support in e-Business backing GSN is Opportunity Wales who has put a considerable time in helping the company move forward. We are currently investing in the next stage of e-business development . Neath College and Energy Utility Skills has a further training plan for further education and taking the engineers to a higher technical skill level. The programme for 2004/5.

Support from each engineer and staff. As the business is profit sharing the new concept in business management is proving business loyalty. Given paid worth and the limitless income plan the engineer can develop his or her potential. This leads to business support and customer loyalty from within. Satisfaction in the thought that each engineer knows they are in a growing business and not just a job. Taking ownership of each job, Quality is forefront as the engineer has vested interest in developing his share in the business.

Currently we have a large data base of annual customers and we recognise the potential in looking after our clients’ gas equipment on an annual basis. Many people are not aware that gas appliances need servicing each year according to manufacturers instructions and this service check is there to avoid potential costly repairs from water leaks within the boiler case and cleaning the burners and insects from within. Some Gas maintenance companies avoid striping stating that they can assess the performance of your boiler from the flue with a gas analyser Although this diagnostic check is important we believe the physical clean is just as necessary on most boilers and with the emphasis on energy saving, most of our customers feel better that we check the condition of their appliances as well as checking the combustion and gas rates for savings.

WE Support annual existing customers with a discount of £20 from our standard charges as we feel this is important to develop a loyalty value to our customer base a base of 4100 annual services in August 05 . A big Thank you to all for that support.


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