Quality Control Inspections

Our quality in our service and installation work is vital for the future of our business. Customer feedback is essential to assure that satisfaction is achieved and for that reason, we welcome complaints to enable us to take action in putting matters right.

I have yet to see a business that gets it right 100% of the time, listening to our customers who invariably when a complaint is reported has a justified point and they help us to improve and put matters right. Naturally we do work to our terms and conditions and we have to abide by all the gas regulations.

We as a company assure our customers that we are in a constant learning curve as all decent companies should be, providing a fair service to their customers knowing that the work has been done to standard. We carry out regular quality reviews on all of our engineers and their work. We keep up to date briefings with the industry changes and CORGI inspects on a regular basis for safety.

Independent Gas Inspections and certification. Service.

Given that we have the qualification to inspect gas work, we can also provide an independent impartial service to other companies or home owners, to carry out inspections on their gas installations.

Provide detailed inspections for gas safety

and system quality. Recommend necessary remedial action if required. Certification will only be on a home owner’s basis or landlords and not for new installations to short circuit the current requirements.

All of our engineers are CORGI Registered and hold current ACS certificates in competencies and cards. Training is vital and we do carry out regular update training to keep up with changes.

Building Regulations. Quality.

All of our engineers are now certified for energy conservation certificated Gas Appliances. Installation and maintenance.

We can self certificate a new installation and inform building control through CORGI. Advise for energy efficient a boilers and appliances.


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