Landlord Certificates

We have a comprehensive data base called Service Max designed for the Gas industry. A data recording system that complies with current requirements for keeping records of work done for landlords and their agents.

It is imperative that all gas appliances in a landlords property is maintained to the manufacturers gas appliance recommendations. All boilers must be serviced at regular intervals and recommend 12 months as a period.

If gas appliances are not maintained correctly (Serviced) the landlord and the agent can be held responsible under Regulation 36 (Duties of Landlords) of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIUR).

Our data system informs and records the details necessary to safeguard the Landlord and their agent that their tenanted property is in compliance with Regulation 36. We keep the necessary records on file and inform when the inspection is due. We inform the landlord or their agent on a 12 month basis and await instruction to carry out the recertification.

If any remedial work is necessary or damage done between the inspection period by the tenant to appliances we inform the landlord through the CP12 Certificate form. Together with any safety issues that is seen with that property.

Arrangements are made to the landlord’s instruction for access to inspect and service. Access failure is recorded and we have a procedure to abide with in following up on that no access situation. As it is the responsibility of the Landlord to provide access the landlord will need support and records that all possible steps have been made to gain access if the tenant has failed to provide it. We will arrange for the landlord for access with the tenant on that instruction.

We can carry out all the remedial work necessary in our categories and maintain the safety of the installation for the landlord and records are kept of work done.

Charging Policy

Given that we comply with all the necessary requirements and full inspections we do not Charge for the certificates as we see necessary to service the appliance for the landlord to comply properly with the maintenance requirement. For this reason we see that a certificate is worthless to the landlord if the appliances have not been maintained correctly.

We have seen added costs incurred for landlords after visual inspection that some companies see the only requirement needed for a landlord. Landlords rely on gas companies to see their properties are safe. It no wonders that some fall foul to companies that offer inspections only and a cheap certificate service stating landlord only need a certificate to comply with regulation 36. This is not the case.

We feel that as a company who looks after landlords properties, the only course is a full comprehensive safety procedure system. A system of service maintenance and inspection that is needed to assure the landlords that their gas appliances are maintained to regulation 36 requirements. The certificate is not a pass certificate only a report on the engineers findings at the time. Recommendations are needed and on the CP12 a box is required to record the last service maintenance.

All of our engineers carry the ACS’ competencies displayed at the rear of their CORGI card to carry out all the necessary work for landlord inspections and CP12 Certificates.

Our Contracts for Landlords and their agents carry discounts for multiple appliance properties for servicing and volume discounts for a number of properties.

Our terms and conditions on landlords contract agreements can not override the regulation requirements.

To register with us please contact us for a contract meeting and agreed terms and conditions.


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