I can smell Gas

TRANSCO is currently the national Emergency Service Provider (ESP) for domestic and commercial gas users in mainland United Kingdom . This responsibility is imposed by law through requirements set out in the Gas Act and the Gas Safety (Management) Regulations.
Transco also acts as the national co-ordinator and redirects liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) emergencies to the appropriate gas supplier. All gas suppliers should provide emergency telephone numbers on or near to gas meters, emergency control valves and bulk storage vessels.
When the supplier of the gas has been informed of a gas escape, it is necessary for the supplier to prevent the gas escaping within 12 hours of notification. Transco standards of service require it to respond to uncontrolled gas escapes within one hour and to controlled gas escapes within two hours.
The definition of a controlled gas escape is an escape that has been stopped by turning off the meter/emergency control valve. The definition of an uncontrolled gas escape is where it cannot be ascertained that the gas escape is controlled.

“GAS EMERGENCY number TRANSCO 0800 111999”


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