Combination Boilers

The current trend in boiler installation is the combination boiler, a boiler that produces heat direct for the heating emitters and supplies direct heat to produce domestic hot water. As the name suggests a combination boiler supplies central heating and instantaneous hot water from the same single unit, and is therefore a ‘combination’ of both. It doesn’t need separate hot water cylinder and cold water tank, or the pipework and installation that would normally be associated with the more traditional system. Not only does it save space and supply hot water on demand it also eliminates the risk of water freezing in the roof-space during severely cold weather and makes installation simpler and faster.

There are many different makes and models on the market and the choice is simple from budget price to quality. In short quality and mostly reliability does not come cheap. Some cheaper models may give difficulty in obtaining spares at a later date.

We specialise in two manufacturers products for all our boilers. As maintenance company we need to look after our future customers and quality boilers tend to do that with good support from the onset. Good terms and guarantees after installation. We have chosen these Manufacturers boilers for their quality and after sales service, commitment to their CORGI registered installers and service maintenance engineers businesses. Who you rely on.

For nearly 130 years Vaillant has been at the forefront of heating technology and has built a reputation for quality, design and innovation. Vaillant also leads the way in energy efficiency and in 1977, was the first company to bring combination boilers to the UK.

Glow-worm takes energy efficiency seriously and have long recognised the importance of environmental conservation. By investing over £7 million in their manufacturing facility in Belper, Glow-worm has earned recognition as a Centre of Excellence in the manufacture of high efficiency products across Europe.
Naturally we will consider the customers choice in boiler make and model

We service and maintain all Manufacturers service listed combi boilers.
All boilers need to be serviced as per manufacturers instructions and annual service is usually necessary to maintain boiler efficiency and reliability and manufacturers recommend annual servicing in their instructions.

Our annual servicing programme
checks the functional parts of the boilers and visual checks for water leaks. Combustion checks and any further necessary work and adjustments are carried out.

There are servicing contracts available
if required and we can discuss your needs and level of cover.

The combi boiler has usually more moving parts than a regular boiler and given age the components will need changing due to wear and tear. Parts are specialised and some components are costly. We feel it is akin to a degree like a car, each day the boiler travels much greater distance than your car and vital servicing is needed for reliability and safety. Like the AA and RAC contracts for the car annual service and breakdown cover contracts are available for boilers. Some people may feel they need the full cover for their boilers and some may be satisfied with assurance of an engineer at hand in the event of a breakdown like your local garage so to speak. Which ever way you look at it servicing is needed as mechanically ware and tare is going to be evident with time.

We can advise on a budget programme to cost out your servicing programme.
Servicing contracts have their uses but not always the best course to take for everyone and we believe that the pro’s and cons should be explained prior to taking out a contract.

We have links with national service contract companies like Direct Assist Europ assist where you receive quality 24 hour service for maintenance calls and assurance breakdown. The benefit of having support of a national company and local gas engineer specialists, looking after your gas appliances. Contracts like these will give peace of mind and are well recognised to give good value. All contracts are there to benefit both parties and if they suit your needs they can be a godsend when an engineer is needed at the door.
Contact us for further details.


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